Better Living Through Xeroxography (BLTX) is an annual small press fair conceptualized and organized by The Youth & Beauty Brigade in 2010. It has since inspired the organization of various small press fairs, as well as the creation of zines and other small press publications, across the country. Since 2017, Gantala Press has been co-organizing the event, specifically the panel discussions on independent publishing, with the original organizers and other publishing collectives.


Women & Queer Edition, The Other Room, Quezon City, May 2017

Forum Speakers: Yllang Montenegro, Bebang Siy, Det Neri, Austere Rex Gamao, Wina Puanco, Hulyen, and Glenn Diaz
Chingbee Cruz and the ladies of Batis AWARE

BLTX Root Cause

Food Security, Land Conflict, Agrarian Reform, 154 Maginhawa Street, Quezon City, December 2017

Nash Tysmans presents Assad Baunto’s Manga Tutul a Palapa, with Ica Fernandez

BLTX Print Our Demands

Activism and the Small Press, Studio Soup Zine Library, Quezon City, December 2018

Forum Speakers: Sandata, Pedantic Pedestrians, Magpies, Mako, Zeempleng Tao, UMA, Traffic