The Marawi Siege (May 23, 2017) and Martial Law in Mindanao has led to the displacement and separation of thousands of Maranao families, the death of soldiers and evacuees, and the absolute ruin of homes, schools, and livelihoods. In times of despair, women are especially vulnerable. Women evacuees suffer anxiety and depression from the loss of resources and sustenance for their families; or become exposed to sexual harassment in open, shared spaces. Likewise, the vital role of women in dealing with crisis is often unexamined or ignored altogether.

LAOANEN consisted of a film showing of Adjani Arumpac’s War is a Tender Thing (2013) and video clips on the situation of women refugees in Iligan City, as well as a women’s forum that discussed war, its effects on women in particular, and its repercussions on families and societies in general. LAOANEN was able to raise close to Php 100,000.00 that was turned over to organizations working with evacuees on the ground in Mindanao:

  • Ranao Rescue Team
  • Modern Nanays of Mindanao
  • The Moropreneur, Inc.
  • Rural Missionaries of the Philippines

To facilitate the important discussions and push for greater awareness and action on the plight of women and children in the Marawi conflict, Gantala Press hosted LAOANEN: Women Stand for Marawi Information & Fundraising Drive on three occasions.

July 1, 2017

Uno Morato Bookstore, Quezon City

August 12, 2017

Fully Booked Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

October 24-29, 2017

Festival of Windows, PETA, Quezon City

Ja Quintana sings at PETA’s Festival of Windows

The LAOANEN Project gave way to the Food for Peace fundraising project by Me & My Veg Mouth and Good Food Community in November 2017 at Ateneo de Manila, Quezon City. Food for Peace combined a forum on food, empowerment, and community healing, cooking demo of Maranao food, solidarity meal, and a mini-fair of Moro products.

Dada Atma, a monk of Ananda Marga, talks about the concept of ahimsa (non-violence) and the compassionate diet at Food for Peace at Areté Ateneo de Manila University