“So Inged a pilombayan / Seka so darpa a pathathayaan / Sii reka matatap so karinaw. // Anda den imanto? / Anda den so Dansalan? / Darpa o kalilintad, / Imanto na miyaoparik. Tanto ka a inipagombasay / O malaikat o manga lokes. // Ainaw Dansalan ko a pilombayan / Pamager ka sangkaya a katidawa.”

– “Marawi a Dansalan o Meranaw” by Badria Bacol Pitielan

LAWANEN: Mga Alaala ng Pagkubkob / Mga Haraya ng Pag-igpaw

Almayrah Abbas Tiburon, Faye Cura, Rae Rival (editors)

This book serves as an important documentation of what happened on May 23, 2017 in Marawi City and how the military encounters and Martial Law that followed affected and changed the lives of the Meranaw people, particularly the women and children.  

Listed on CNN Philippines: “The best books of 2018”

Publication Date: 2018
Language: Mranao, Filipino, English
Format: Softbound
Pages: 96
Size: 5.5” x 8.5”
ISBN: 978-621-95663-3-9

Selling Price: PHP 300

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