“You cannot have Mranao food without palapa. It is served as a condiment or appetizer and, as the base of Mranao cuisine, you can rub it on fish or meat, or even use it as a flavoring agent in certain sweets (or mamis).”

MANGA TUTUL A PALAPA: Recipes and Memories from Ranao

Assad Baunto; illustrations by Ica Fernandez

This recipe book features Mranao dishes that are based on the condiment, palapa. The recipes, written in Mranao with English translations, are enriched by stories drawn from the author’s memories of his homeland; of his aunt and grandmother who are the source of the recipes; and of family and neighbors with whom the meals are shared.

Cited on CNN Philippines: “6 Filipino books that tell our favorite food stories”

Featured on Business Mirror: “Rebuilding Marawi one dish at a time”

Listed on CNN Philippines: “The best Filipino books of 2017”

Publication Date: 2017
Language: Mranao, English
Format: Softbound
Pages: 66
Size: 4.9” 8.6”
ISBN: 978-621-95663-2-2

Selling Price: PHP 250

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