Here are memories of people who live in Northern Luzon during the Marcos dictatorship, but lived the tyranny not in being by it but by resisting the stranglehold. All of the writers were young then, usually students in the various schools and universities. They write of memories about joining political demonstrations, spending their free time reading political tracts or learning from political officers, evading the defensive protection of their parents, leaving the university and other promising careers, and then also of finding loves and sometimes having to leave them behind. They write, often in shocking detail, of days of imprisonment and braving the worst kinds of abuse at the hands of soldiers.

Why did these young people risk their lives with such abandon? For what cause?

There could be no other answer to that but that these young men and women dared and suffered because they were pulled by a strange call, a dream to see one’s country breathe free.

– From the Foreword

Panaglagip: The North Remembers – Martial Law Stories of Struggle and Survival
Edited by Joanna K. Cariño and Luchie B. Maranan

PANAGLAGIP is an anthology of narratives, articles, poems, artwork and testimonies of activists and ordinary people who fought against Marcos Martial Law in Northern Luzon. It includes eye-witness accounts and testimonies of direct experiences with the cruelty of Marcos Martial Law which are, ultimately, stories of struggle and survival of ordinary people who fought against oppression. “In recounting these stories, we honor those who went before us, who stood beside us, who defended us, and who followed in our footsteps as human rights defenders in Northern Luzon” (from the Introduction).

Contributors include Liza Ann Ilagan, Luchie B. Maranan, Brenda Subido-Dacpano, Reynaldo Guillermo, Lenville C. Salvador, Mary Lou O. Marigza, Elina M. Velasco-Ramo, Romella Liquigan, Felicidad Valencia, Pilar V. Paat, Lina Ladino, Wilson Adorable, Joanna K. Cariño, Maureen B. Loste, Rudy D. Liporada, Jill K. Cariño, Jeoff Larua, Priscilla Supnet-Macansantos, Ruel Caricativo, Desiree Caluza,and Christian Patricio.

Edited by Joanna K. Cariño and Luchie B. Maranan, the book is produced with SELDA-NL (Samahan ng Ex-Detainees Laban sa Martial Law at Aresto-Northern Luzon) and Alfredo F. Tadiar Library, with the support of SELDA, The May 18 Memorial Foundation, and PROCESS (Participatory Research, Organization of Communities and Education, Toward Struggle for Self-Reliance).

Cover Art and Book Design by Angela Taguiang

Publication Year: 2023
Language: English, Ilocano, Filipino
Format: Print
Pages: 240
Size: 6” x 9”
Selling Price: Php 550. Order from

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