“When the killers burst through the door, Mary flung her baby away before she was shot four times in the head — a clear case of palit-ulo, or substituting one target for another to reach a quota. The masked killers then ordered Mary’s four older children to clean the crime scene. Mary’s eldest daughter recounts picking up her mother’s teeth from the floor.”

– “Hens in the cull: women in the time of Tokhang,” Abbey Pangilinan, Mixkaela Villalon, Ica Fernandez

UMAALMÁ, KUMIKIBÔ: essays on women and violence

Faye Cura (editor)

The book features essays on violence and Filipino women including comfort women, political detainees, the urban poor, peasant women, Bangsamoro soldiers, and the widows produced by the government’s war on drugs. It is released in support of the International Campaign to End Violence Against Women.

Reviewed on CNN Philippines: “Feminism is necessary as long as class struggle is necessary”

Umaalma, Kumikibo cover

Publication Date: 2018
Language: Filipino, English
Format: Softbound
Pages: 100
Size: 6” x 6”
ISBN: 978-621-95663-5-3 

Selling Price: PHP 285

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