NANLALABAN! Artists Unite Against Fascism

Forum x Zine Launch x Benefit Gig
July 26, 2019 | Taumbayan Bar, T. Gener, Kamuning, Quezon City PAY WHAT YOU CAN

This month’s SONA marks our third year in Dutertopia. How are we doing so far? Join Ibong Adorno and Musika Publiko in a night of fiery discussions and music for the fight against oppression!

The forum, which also serves as launch of Kult’s third issue, is a gathering of today’s leading progressive artists, cultural workers, and media practitioners in a single platform to talk about their respective initiatives against passivity and disinformation proliferating in the Duterte regime.

This will be followed by a benefit gig featuring musicians in solidarity with the workers of PEPMACO, the makers of Champion and Calla detergents, Hana shampoo, and Systema toothpaste. Hear the stories of the workers who are currently on strike due to contractualization, occupational hazards, and union-busting by management Simeon Tiu!

Altermidya | BLTX | Concerned Artists of the Philippines | Gantala Press | KAMANDAG | Katrina Santiago | RESBAK | SAKA
with a cultural performance by Danny Fabella

Alarma | Alyana Cabral | Maria Ortua | Maryjane and the Gang | Musicians for Peace | Pordalab | Talahib People’s Music | Tao Aves | Yohi

All proceeds will go to Pepmaco Workers Union! #BoycottPepmacoProducts! Resist with us!

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