Makibaka! When the Storm Comes

Feminist publishers Gantala Press and Bar de Force Press proudly present Where We Are: When the Storm Comes?, a trilingual online exhibit of Southeast Asian feminist reckonings of censorship and resistance in the time of coronavirus. This project is an attempt at documenting everyday life and feminist responses to being locked down or surveilled, as part of our respective country’s solutions to curb the COVID-19 pandemic. Gathered here are projects that question and critique the rhetoric of resiliency and the strategies of discipline, silencing, and censorship that pervade the so-called New Normal for both the Philippines and Vietnam. With works by Neen Sapalo, Truong Que Chi, Rural Women Advocates, Nguyen Thuy Hang, Conchitina Cruz, Huong Ngo, and Gantala Press. Curated by Alice Sarmiento and Duong Manh Hung. Made possible by a grant from the Japan Foundation, Manila.

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